Family Choir -This is a "free" elective. You may find it on your schedule even if you didn't sign up for it, since we can't say enough about the value of singing in all of our lives. All are welcome!

Music Together - For children ages 0 to 5, this is a gentle introduction to general musical skills. Siblings of those enrolled can also participate.

Dalcroze Eurhythmics - What is this? Music education through moving with the beat. It's very active and a lot of fun. Age 5 and up.

Music Theater - Sing, dance, and act scenes from popular musicals.

Boomwhacker Band - Using colorful plastic tubes, form an ensemble full of fun.

Piano for Other Instrumentalists -Learn the basics of beginning piano. This course is best for those in Book 2 level or beyond in their main instrument.

Guitar for Other Instrumentalists -Learn basic beginning steps to playing the guitar. Also best for those in Book 2 or beyond.

Sculpture from Recyclables - Use things like cardboard rolls and empty bottles to build fantastic creatures and contraptions!

Painting -Once again, use your imagination to create amazing paintings.

Guitar Ensemble - This is an ensemble, but may also be an elective. All guitarists are eligible to participate.

Piano Ensemble -Play duets from the vast literature for piano four-hands. This course is for pianists in Book 3 and beyond.

Chamber Music - Students of any instrument who read music well are eligible to play in duos, trios, quartets, and larger ensembles.

Flute Choir - This ensemble is open to all flute students.

String Ensemble - For those students who play violin, viola, or cello who would like to play in a small ensemble.

Other possible electives to be offered this year include Drumming, Music Theory, Music Games,  Music and Movement, and more Visual Art Classes. These are classes that we can add to your schedule, if they fit, once your master class, group class, and ensemble (Book 3 and above) have been scheduled. These additional classes are in response to some parents' requests for more hours of involvement. All additional electives will cost $75 each.